Uranium and the Boundaries of Indigeneity in Nunatsiavut, Labrador

Andrea Procter
Labrador Institute of Memorial University

Uranium and the boundaries of indigeneity Uranium and the Boundaries of Indigeneity in Nunatsiavut, Labrador

When the Nunatsiavut Inuit government passed a temporary moratorium on uranium development on Inuit lands in 2008, it was hailed by many as a victory of indigeneity over industry. Yet, as this paper argues, this move was a brief assertion of autonomy in the face of entrenched settler colonialism. Despite recent success in achieving political recognition of their rights, Labrador Inuit are still struggling with the on-going containment of their lands, resources, and, in many ways, identity. This paper traces the relationship between settler colonial logics, indigeneity, and resource development by following the repercussions of uranium exploration in Labrador since the 1950s, and explores the current implications of the limited political will to challenge continuing dispossession.